Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Swami Krishnan Sreedharan And Amah Kamalakshi Memorial Hall Opening.

Memorial Dedicated to His Holiness Swami Krishnan Sreedharan and AmahKamalakshi located at Sri Krishna Bavan was officially opened at 12.10 pm on24th December 2010. Swami's followers from Malaysia, Singapore, London,India, his family members, friends, relatives and guest were present at theOpening.Prior to the Opening on 23rd December 2010 Special Soul Pooja was conductedby a group of 3 High Priest lead by Prakash the Resident Priest of SriKrishnan Temple. On the morning of the 24th December 2010 a Ganapathy Omamwas conducted at 7.00 am followed by the Soul Transfer to Tomb at 10.00 am.Pictures of the event are posted and soon a video recording of the wholeevent will be posted.

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