Sunday, November 22, 2009


One sacred place for bath at Sabarimala is Bhasmakulam. This is on the western side of the Sannidhanam. Pilgrims get purified by their dip in the holy water here. Legend says that Sabari entered the fire in the presence of Sri Rama and as a result her mortal remains were consumed. This pond has its name derived from this legend. The water in the pond is ever kept fresh and clean in spite of the constant use by pilgrims. Using oil and soap here are prohibited.
For those pilgrims who do not wish to take back the ghee they bring inside the coconut, there is a container called Neythoni(Ghee Canoe) into which they can pour out the ghee. It is placed near the Sreekovil. No payment is required for depositing the ghee in the Neythoni.

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